P+T is up and running! Slowly.

A note about pricing and currency


I aim to get my prices in line with the uniqueness of the work and quality of the products. Everything you see on this site is conceived and designed by me. I try to find quality products that print well, look good, and wash and wear well. I also try to find suppliers based in North America wherever possible. I'm on the hunt for more organic and natural/renewable products and so far that's been a challenge, but I ain't giving up! All this means my stuff is maybe a bit more expensive than others. Yes, we can all shop at the big box stores or the big online marketplaces and find cheap things, they have massive buying power that us little guys don't. Places+Things Co. isn't bargain basement, and not a luxury brand either, so my pricing will be somewhere in the middle on most things. I'm going to constantly monitor my pricing and will drop prices wherever possible. Thanks for reading this, thanks for being here, and thanks for understanding.


There's a drop-down menu in the upper right so you can shop in the currency of wherever you're from (ok, maybe not wherever, but there are a bunch of options). Make sure you're looking a pricing that is correct for your location. Thanks!