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Here in Canada we spell it "colour" because we were all taught how to spell by the Queen Herself. No really, she's like Santa in that regard, except instead of sliding down chimneys and leaving toys for kids, she goes from classroom to classroom all over the Commonwealth and raps kids on the knuckles with ruler for not knowing where to put an extraneous "u". It's amazing she's about 130 years old now and still spends most of her time doing this.

Ok, here's something to think about:

Colours are highly subjective, so while I’ve tried to offer a pretty decent selection, I haven’t met you or been invited over for snacktails in your spankin’ awesome Airstream yet. What I'm trying to say is, our colour sense might not match your particular aesthetic, so if there’s a product or a design that you like, but aren’t a fan of the colour combo it comes in, let me know. It might be possible to come up with something that is a bit more matchy to your vintage Fiestaware collection. Not promising, just saying we’re open to suggestions and ready, willing and able to come up with new stuff... within reason.

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