P+T is up and running! Slowly.

Relax and Enjoy.

I try to have a good time and stay relaxed and I sell stuff that should appeal to folks with a similar mindset. Life is short. Life can also be serious and mean-spirited and not a lot of fun at times, but within the confines of this little online marketplace life is great. Embrace the best moments in life: a quiet cup of whatever while watching the sunrise over a chilly, misty lake; a raucous shindig with some of the closest friends you just met; or singing at the top of your lungs with the top down and nothing ahead of you or behind except miles and miles of highway. Whatever your good times, embrace them and cherish them. Let’s all get along. That extends to the writing and overall attitude of this site. Nothing here is meant to offend or sway anyone’s thinking. I'm just having some fun because it beats working for a living. Thanks for being here, you’re welcome back anytime.

If you see anything that concerns you or feel like we should talk for whatever reason, drop me a line: honcho@placesandthingsco.com